Plum Blossoms in the Snow(傲雪春梅)


作者/词: Randall Effner 作曲: Randall Effner 演唱: Randall and Sara Effner 演奏: 吉他:Randall Effner;小提琴:Susanna Halden
MP3 音响文件


At the turning of the season, in that somber time of year
When bone-chilled, weary people long for Spring
A sign of life renewed arrives, bringing hope and cheer
From Washington to Paris to Beijing
The plum tree's delicate and small, ignored when all is green
Humble in the heat of summer sun
But in the barren cold its flowers burst upon the scene
Proclaiming a new season has begun
Oh, Winter's back is broken, though the Northern winds still blow,
Plum blossoms in the snow.

Instrumental Break

A refugee from China, with her daughter in her arms
Steadfast in days so bleak and nights so long
Pays tribute to her husband and tells how he came to harm,
Murdered 'cause he practiced Falun Gong
Now to this martyr's mission, his wife has remained true
Explaining to the people 'round the world
Just what the broken families in China must go through
When Moms and Dads are tortured, jailed and killed
The seeds of justice that she plants will germinate and grow
Plum blossoms in the snow.

Instrumental Break

The glory that was China, is fading by the hour
Mammon worshiped on the dingy street
The best are found in prisons when the worst are wielding power
The ancient culture forced into retreat
But wintertime has run its course, the plum trees are in bloom
People turn their faces to the sky
The good are blessed, the evil crushed, the sun breaks through the gloom
The ordeal's over, peaceful days are nigh
Myriad flowers dot the land, their treasures to bestow,
Plum Blossoms in the snow.